Newsletter 2009

Hello from Humphrey’s Tax Service. Once again we are anxiously waiting for your arrival. We hope this next year is an improvement over last year. It has to be better.

For some of our clients it will take months or years to recover from the impact of nature. Our hearts go out to them. If you have suffered what the IRS calls a “casualty loss”, the amount not covered by insurance is deductible on your tax return. Of course there are a number of exclusions so let us know when you come in.

Some of you are worried about things that you have no control over. Years ago someone told me a line that I have kept as kind of guideline for life. It is “Never meet trouble halfway, something usually happens to it before it arrives”. More often than not, things that consumed us with worry never happen, but the effects of the worry are left behind.

Electronic filing nationally was up last year and this is part of the IRS plan. It is cheaper, fewer errors and faster to have information sent to the IRS electronically than send them a paper tax return. This year if we prepare your return, Electronic filing is free.

Some things have come across our desks that we thought you may find interesting. They are on the back of this page. We have also included two articles from FORTUNE magazine. Geoff Colvin a monthly writer for the magazine. We don’t always agree with him but we found these two articles interesting and timely. For good financial advice that is pretty consistent, FORTUNE and MONEY magazine are a great choice.

Once again we proudly promote our referral program. If you referred one or more new customers to us last year make sure you tell us. Get your 10% discount for each new client so bring a friend or two. Last year we had fantastic growth. New clients can print out a coupon for 10% off as well. With the financial conditions this year make sure you come see us to prepare your return. Typically we save you more money than we cost. We have some changes to the office again this year. Our new arrival is April. She will be taking your calls and helping around the office. Clara (AKA mom) deserves a break and April has gladly agreed to be the person to provide it. Welcome her when you come in, she is a little shy.

If your schedule doesn’t permit you to visit us in person mail us your information. Send them “Certified Mail, with a “Return Receipt” this insures that the post office gets it to us. If you are not able to come in person to pick up your taxes (which we prefer so you can review them and ask questions) let us know. Other arrangements can be made. Just let us know.

Stop by and say Hi. Let us know if we can be of service to you. We’re here for you!!

Thank you from Humphrey’s Tax Service, April, Clara, Clayton, Mark, Tim, and of course the resident tax dog, Cooper. See you soon!


Humphrey's Tax Service Inc