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Welcome to Humphrey Services Inc

The activities of Humphrey Services cuts a wide swath. Humphrey Services Inc is comprised of the multi-facted work The Humphrey's do in support of friends, family, customers, suppliers and future acquaintances.

As the owner and president of Humphrey services it is my pleasure to have you visit my web site. I hope you find what you are looking for here. Instead of coming up with a name of all our endeavors, sometime in the early 1980's Mark came up with the notion of "Humphrey Services". At the time he was involved in automotive repair, home maintenance and remodeling, computer building and programming (yes, there were personal computers in 1980, can you say Heath Kit?) telephone systems, home alarm systems and of course Income taxes and personal consultation. And that was just Mark. What would you have called it?

Humphrey Services has expanded over the years to include the many endeavors from the Humphrey family. From major medical coverage, accident and disability insurance to an opportunity to save some money. We stand behind what we say and sell. Our services are the best bargain around and you will always, always receive a smile and a warm hello.

Anyhow welcome, use what you can, take what you like.

Mark Humphrey
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